‘Mean Girls’ a story of identity conflict

In this post, we want to talk about a movie which is especially for the teenage; Mean Girls.  The movie takes in a high school. Cady who is main character of the movie has never attended any school till her 16th years. She has been İn Africa with her family during these years. So, she is far away from popular culture. When she turns 16, she starts high school and she becomes a friend of the school’s popular girls and also, she becomes a part of a revenge war. She falls in love with the most popular girl’s ex-boyfriend. To affect him, her personality totally changes.

We like this movie because, the main character is a teenage and the environment reflects a teenage’s world with details. During the movie, you can notice a teenage’s personality conflicts and possible mistakes. So, we suggest this movie to every body but also especially the teenage and their families. And also, during the story, we see a very strong teacher. We hope, this kind of teachers can be an example of others.

Have a good time!

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